Monday, November 26, 2007

New Developments

I just realized that it has been almost three weeks since my last blog. I want to offer at least one blog each week. But, this has been an intense period. Three significant processes have been going on: the Port actions, a decision to travel to India, and finishing my book.

The Port of Olympia actions mentioned in the last blog continued for nearly two weeks with many demonstrations and several blockades of the Port transfer of equipment and military vehicles used by Fort Lewis soldiers in Iraq. 65 people were arrested. I felt thrilled at the standing up of the youth and adults. Their determination to say "No" to the Iraq war and the killing was inspiring. Despite pepper spray in their faces when they simply stood in front of the gates, these folks stood their ground without recriminations. To date only two have misdemeanor charges against them. In the wings of all this action is the possibility of the U.S. attaching Iran. I believe, as I have for almost two years, that unless some intervention happens Bush and Chaney will attack Iran. So far, elections for Democrats, Congressional actions, and statements by retired military, let alone continued peace actions, have not done the job.

Second, I have decided to go to India to attend the 6th International Conference on Peace and Non-violent Action in Rajasmand outside Jaipur at the end of December. www.anuvbha/6thICPNA.htm While in India I will stay for the International Congress on Peace and Non-violence in Wardha near Gandhi's Sewagram Ashram at the end of January in memory of his 60th anniversary of assassination. This decision was due to some persuasive words which I appreciate. I have the prospect of taking "The American Gandhi" perspective to these conferences.

Third, I am completing my book which was initiated after my 2005 trip to India when I portrayed Gandhi. The book is titled: CRUX OF THE MATTER, Autobiographical Foraging Into Being Authentic In These Times, by Bernie Meyer, The American Gandhi. I will submit for self-publishing within the week. I have also been promised assistance that publishing the book in India while I am there. My hope is that the book will assist peace makers.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A greater than titanic illuson

The Port of Olympia is again being used to be complicit with the Iraq war, with occupation and oppression. The USNS Brittin is offloading equipment for the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team) after it's tour in Iraq. We are challenging the presence, not wanting to be complicit in this war.

We look at the USNS Brittin. It is bigger than the Titanic. According to The Olympian the Titanic was 882 feet in length and the Brittin is 950. The Titanic displaced 58,587 US tons, the Brittin displaces 69,517 US tons. The ship dwarfs the Port of Olympia in fat gray bulk. Cindy Corrie (Rachel Corrie's mother) told me that she was celebrating her 60th birthday at lunch in a Port restaurant with her husband (Craig) when the ship arrived yesterday, escorted by several tug boats and Coast Guard gun boats. She said it about came into the restaurant, catching everyone's attention! We were protesting the ships mission when our conversation occurred.

"Catching our attention," that is the point, I think. I remember my mother telling me as a boy that the Titanic was considered "unsinkable" when it was built. Humans had overcome nature, and God. It sank on its first voyage.

For me, the Brittin represents waste, illusion, death. The waste of resources for the war in Iraq, war making itself. The death of troops and the Iraqi people. The illusion that this "superpower" can dominate the world by naked power. The illusion that humans can waste the earth's resources and not pay the consequences. Or, should I say the illusion that some humans can live and thrive by wasting the earth's resources?