Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Effects of Walk

Yesterday, October 2nd, we celebrated Gandhi's birthday and my 70th (which is October 11th) with a dramatic presentation of the Foot Prints For Peace walk. I incorporated dance, which was my first action at Faslane Royal Navy Trident Base, as well as scenes and information about the walk itinerary, much of which is on this blog. Now, I share a few facts I did not know while walking.

1. The radiation from Sellafield accumulates on the beaches and sands in concentrations at estuaries. Alpha radiation clings to sand particles. Radiation extends on average for 1000 kilometers inland from the sea. The alpha and DU radiation which enters the body interacts with chemicals and the DNA producing serious effects. This simplistic statement is clearly described by Chris Busby (Statement of Chris Busby in Relation to the Millstone Reactors and Their Effect on Local Health in Populations Living Near the Sea and River Estuaries, March 26th, 2001) and Bill Adamson (The Problem With Nuclear (Part I) November 17th, 2006.)

2. DU radiation from the March 2003 Shock and Awe bombing of Iraq reached England seven to nine days after the bombing. Chris Busby reports that censors were set up around Aldermaston and recorded the radiation. This was 2400 miles from Bagdhad! reports that the "Number of Radioactive Finds on Local Beaches has doubled in a month." 17/7/07 These recordings were taken at the time we walked through the Sellafield and other areas.

Anyone have a radiation detector? My body feels funny.

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