Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Carnegie Library interlude

From the Ayr Uk coast looking out toward Ireland, I am taking the day off from walking due to swollen foot/ankle. We had a wonderful night at a home B&B. Reading this mornings news, the heat is on which relates directly to my statement about "why" I am walking. Putin has stated two threatening complaints just two days before the G 8 meeting to deal with global climate change and poverty. He see threats in the US missile bases in Eastern Europe and he points to BP's not complying with agreement for gas production, threatening agreement licensing. He did not mention that Gazprom, the Russian oil/gas company, restricting the use of gas lines to China and other locations as causing the problem. Of course, the 2002 US backing out of nuclear ABM Treaty, etc, has also contributed to the growing friction. The UK analysts are more concerned with the loss of gas possibility at this time.

My time is running out. But, these are the international/corporate dynamics which will be increasing in the coming years if the powers to be do not choose different modus vivendi.


mysteriousmorag said...

Hello Bernie!

sorry to hear your feet are worse. I hope the days the rest really helps- there are worse places to be marooned than Ayr.

Now that i have found your blog I'll be looking regularly to see how things are going


Julie said...

I was struck by the name of the library because I come from a small town in America which has a Carnegie Library. I took another look at Andrew Carnegie's life's work. You all probably know that Andrew Carnegie's working life was devoted to making money--and he did--sometimes cutting worker's pay to increase his personal wealth. Upon his retirement at 66, Carnegie set about giving his money away. He established libraries in small towns across America and in Scotland, too. He founded two Carnegie Hall Performing Arts Centers (One in Manhattan, on in Scotland. He funded several educational philanthropies, and supported scientific research and founded the Endowment for International Peace. I was thinking that his change in direction reversal, really (what's that word? Metanoia?) illustrates that anything is possible, that it is possible for people to change beliefs. So I guess the story of Andrew Carnegie's 'conversion' gives me encouragement that our world will turn from this path of nuclear destruction and pursue peace.

Julie said...

Hi, again. I have been looking around the web and I found the contact information for Vladimir Putin, in case people want to write to him about missile bases, peace and other good possibilities. http://www.kremlin.ru/eng/articles/send_letter_Eng1a.shtml

If people want to write to him instead of sending a note via the website, the site also lists the official address.