Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Our Dance

Second day off for swelling, after a wonderful hosting by Church of Scotland in Gervan. Tomorrow is a rest day. Walk on Friday?

So much is negative, i.e. yesterday's news of which I blogged a summary. Here are my deep beliefs in summary form with words of teachers:

Merton: "The hidden ground of love", "The Hidden Presence", "The hidden reality", as other words for God, Tao, Allah, Brahman.
Gandhi: "Truth is God", "God is truth", "God is light, and life, God is ethics and morality, beyond all God is Conscience". "God is pure consciousness".

We are totally sustained by the Hidden Ground. We are merged as an unspeakable unity. We are mere expressions of reality, given a consciousness of all observable reality. We have the ability to consciously live in the eternal. To live is to express love, knowingly or unknowingly.

To live is to play in existence. To live is to dance with the endless possibilities. Open to all and to every, charged with expectation and mystery, but with the possibility of harm and death. No matter, all are our reality.

The world is about to pass through an era of change. Rampant and blind technological "advances" will be blunted by limits. To live is to play with reality, the Hidden Ground of Love.

I know this is rough and undeveloped. The limits of time with the Internet and the Walk. Peace.

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Julie said...

Hi, beautiful--just beautiful. Much to reflect upon.

In the spirit of hope and celebration, I wanted to share a small (dare I say 'wee'?) bit of positive news about energy generation--one that is definitely evidence of some thinkers who are open to all and who are dancing with possibilities.

much love-