Friday, June 1, 2007

The change we need to see?

Spent a day and night at the Peace Camp outside Faslane, where they have been for the last 25 years. The Camp is nestled among the trees next to the road to Faslane. It is an assemblage of salvaged materials: vans, buses, tarps, constructed huts, shelters, etc. Here resides a community of people committed to a peaceful and sustainable life. Flowers, vegtables, bushes, trees bring life to the colorful shelters. Some would call the place a "hippy" village. I call it "futuristic". No doubt, most of the world's population lives in lesser conditions than Peace Camp. The way the haves, we US citizens among them, are consuming the earth's resources, future villages will be similar to the Camp...for those who can learn to be loving humans.

This is the world I am working for: a world where we can let go of fear and anxiety, greed and hyper-control, where we can spend the time in convivial living accepting the reality of life on earth. People have been and are still "being the change they want to see."

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